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Chickens killed in Rainier barn fire

Incubation lamp believed to be cause of Saturday blaze

PHOTO COURTESY OF COLUMBIA RIVER FIRE AND RESCUE - A fire burned out the inside of a metal barn on Old Rainier Road on Saturday night, May 30. Five chickens were killed, according to owner David Keohi.A heat lamp being used to incubate chicks appears to have caused a fire that destroyed a metal barn in Rainier on Saturday night, May 30, according to Columbia River Fire & Rescue.

Chief Jay Tappan said firefighters from CRF&R and the Clatskanie Rural Fire Protection District responded to the blaze on Old Rainier Road, with the first crews arriving on the scene at about 8:32 p.m. By the time they arrived, he said, the fire was “fully involved.”

“The problem we had was the building was burned out inside … so we didn't feel it was safe to go in for any of the firefighters,” Tappan said. “We didn't do any interior work at all.”

The barn's owner, David Keohi, said he lost “a whole lot of everything” in the fire.

Five chickens were killed, Keohi said. Among the other items destroyed was a 1978 Chevrolet Camaro.

“I feel like I lost all of my past, and all of my future projects,” Keohi said.

About 50 feet separate the barn structure and the house on the property, which was “totally unaffected,” according to Tappan.

The barn itself is believed to be a total loss, Keohi and Tappan said.

The structure was insured. CRF&R estimated the total value of the loss at about $20,000.