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Man finds winning Keno jackpot ticket in the nick of time


Theodore Widger hid $32,000 slip in ‘safe place’ but forgot where that was

Theodore Widger thought he’d lost his winning Keno ticket, but less than two months before the deadline to cash in for his nearly $32,000 prize, the Birkenfeld resident found the slip.

Widger told lottery officials he knew he had a winning ticket last November, but decided to hide it in a “safe place.”

“I put it somewhere, and then couldn’t remember where. I lost it,” said Widger in an Oregon Lottery press release.

But earlier this month, only 51 days before he was about to reach the year-long deadline to claim a prize, Widger discovered it. He cashed it in at the lottery’s Salem office Sept. 14.

Widger’s win came from correctly picking the numbers: 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75. He had played a handful of Keno games at the Evergreen Pub in Rainier before hitting the jackpot. He won $15,000 for matching all eight numbers and another $17,046.90 for hitting a special rolling jackpot bonus.

In a press release the Oregon Lottery reminds gamblers to always sign the back of the ticket for each game they play in case of losing it.

“We’d like to also suggest that you keep track of where those tickets are,” the press release states.