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Scappoose High School’s FIRST Robotics Club competed in Ultimate Ascent March 8-9.

Robotics teams from all over the Pacific Northwest crammed into Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland to show off their electronic creations.

“It was a bit overwhelming” said Tina Bliss, an engineer for Boeing and one of the robotics team’s coaches. “It was over the top and a lot of fun.”

Competitors had to demonstrate their robot could either throw or dump Frisbees at designated targets. The robot then had to climb a pyramid using pull-up bars.

Since it was the team’s first year at the competition, many didn’t expect to win.

Still, it succeeded in the task of creating a Frisbee-dumping robot that could perform pull-ups. The team came away from the event with Rookie Inspiration and Safety of the Day awards.

It wasn’t about dominating the competition, Bliss said. Instead, it was a labor of love. “When we fired up the robot for the first time, the grins and the excitement were all over their faces,” she said.

The 11 active members of the First Robotics Club include Eric Hanson, Andrew Hanson, Brette Bliss, Liam Bliss, Robert Ohling, Paul Ohling, Tyler Shober, Tyler McDowell, Travis Gardner, Jorden Buckner and Ryan Brophy.

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