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New game store conjures up a crowd


by: SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: ROBIN JOHNSON - Jaraco Richardson and Darian Morland battle with their trading cards. Richardson said that he built a deck of his own out of the stores Commons box, where more standard cards are traded by local gamers.Mighty Fortress Games has only been open for a week, but so far it has been besieged by local youth, hungry for collectible cards and role-playing game materials.

“It was actually my 13-year-old son’s idea,” said Jacinda Phillips, owner of Mighty Fortress Games. “I knew it was a good idea because I would go to events at other game stores in Portland, and I’d be surrounded by locals.”

The walls of the store are adorned with medieval murals, weapons, armor, decks of cards, role playing games and three-pointed hats.

Phillips said that at last week’s Magic trading card game competition, the store was standing room only. Winners of the game were awarded with store credit.

“Not every kid can and wants to do sports. They need something else, something that uses a different muscle,” Phillips said, pointing to her head. But that’s not to say that athletes and gamers can’t mix. Phillips says some do both.