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SHS record blood drive honors '09 graduate


The Scappoose High School National Honors Society held a schoolwide blood drive Tuesday, April 30, in honor of SHS alum Brandon Sprute.

Sprute was severely burned in February during a welding accident wherein the contents of a 55-gallon drum Sprute was cutting ignited, burning 75 percent of his body.

Typically, SHS collects about 35-40 pints of blood during a blood drive. This year, 90 people donated a total of 75 pints, more than has ever been collected at SHS.

“The blood isn't going to Brandon,” said Lindsey Marquardt, the student in charge of organizing the blood drive. “We're doing it in his honor and to give back. He used a lot of blood.”

Marquat said 74 students signed up to give blood before the day started, but students dropped in sporadically throughout the day.

“This is the first time that we've had two busses,” said Marquardt. “Hardly anyone has been turned away this year.”

A lot pf people who attempt to donate blood get turned away for having recent piercings or tattoos, or insufficient levels of iron, Marquardt said.

According to Sprute's recovery network Facebook page, he has already undergone nearly a dozen surgeries, but has been moved out of intensive care. His physical therapy is coming along well, the site reports.