Questioning PCC’s

commitment to our county

Portland Community College has announced that they are “no longer interested” in siting a campus near the Scappoose airport because of my appeal of the 500-acre UGB expansion.

This is odd. Neither I nor other opponents of the huge expansion have opposed a small UGB expansion for PCC. PCC has know this for more than a year; they were told that we would enthusiastically support a 20-acre UGB expansion for a PCC campus.

Columbia County desperately needs a local community college. Hundreds of kids commute daily to PCC Rock Creek; it’s costly, wasteful and unfair. We pay significant taxes to PCC and get almost nothing in return. I’d love to see a PCC site at the airport, or anywhere else in the county for that matter.

PCC has known all along that we support a campus here. They said they only needed 20 acres; if that wasn’t already available within the existing UGB, we told PCC we would enthusiastically support expanding the UGB to accommodate them. The city and PCC could have proposed an expansion for PCC at any time, and I and others would have done anything possible to make it happen.

So, why this strange announcement now?

Two possible explanations occur to me.

One, perhaps PCC never intended to build in Columbia County. The 20 acres allocated to PCC was simply accommodating Sen. Betsy Johnson and her developer friends by trying to “put lipstick on the pig” — a pork barrel, ugly UGB expansion. There was never a firm commitment on PCC’s part to site at the airport. They may have been accommodating Betsy and her friends by inflating the amount of land “needed” in the UGB expansion.

Two, maybe PCC’s priorities have changed and they find our appeal of the UGB expansion to be a convenient scapegoat for continuing to ignore Columbia County’s needs for continuing education. I think this is the most likely explanation, since PCC never committed to actually buy the property and build a school there.

In any case, PCC has known all along that they could put a campus at the airport in Scappoose. That hasn’t changed. Only their commitment to doing so has vanished.

Pat Zimmerman


Guitar anti-hero

Recent developments illustrate some chilling facts not initially thought to play a part in the conviction of Gibson Guitar by the Justice Department back in July 2012 for importing endangered wood.

Considering IRS’s choice of exclusively targeting conservative groups in its brewing 501c4 scandal, here’s a similar story in the Justice Department of Attorney General Eric Holder.

The owner of Gibson, a large donor to conservative causes, lost millions in production and legal fees fighting the DOJ charge of illegally importing an endangered species of wood from Madagascar.

After the phony and flawed “form 302, Finding of Fact” interrogation method (allowing two FBI agents to edit their own narrative of the interrogation; no video or audio record), Gibson pleaded out.

This happened even though Gibson held legal documentation proving righteous import practices, per the Wall Street Journal, Aug. 20, 2012 edition (“Gibson is off the hook. Who’s next?”). In addition, he is barred from talking about it. Contradicting form 302 publicly produces an immediate charge of lying to a federal agent; a five-year sentence.

It’s just been reported that a large liberal donor, Martin Guitar, using identical wood and wasn’t charged.

All fair-minded people must agree: This needs to be examined.

Wayne Mayo


Weeping for the land

I weep for our land tonight.

In this beloved country we are still killing, (killing?) we are still butchering 35,000 innocent of the innocent every week. And, too many are trying to insist that Sodom and Gomorrah never happened.

With just the above, we must ask: “Why should the awesome Creator of this awesome universe have any mercy on us?

I weep for our land tonight.

Ramona Nichols


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