Defendants alleged to have bullied girl, now 15, for years after original incident

A teenage girl and her parents have filed a lawsuit in Columbia County Circuit Court alleging the girl was the victim of intimidation, assault and harassment while attending Clatskanie Middle/High School.

The suit claims that in September 2010, when the girl was 12, her then-boyfriend threatened to distribute a nude photograph of her unless she sent him more compromising pictures. According to the suit, three other boys with access to the photographs also attempted to coerce her by threatening to share nude photographs of her with others.

In May 2011, the girl was the victim of an attempted rape by one of the males involved in the “sextortion,” the suit alleges. The suit further claims the girl was physically assaulted, harassed and intimidated for 30 months after the original incident in 2010 until her family moved to central Oregon, after which one of her antagonists purportedly threatened to send compromising photos of her to her new classmates.

Fifteen defendants, including 10 adults, are named in the suit.

The adults named are the parents of the five children accused of harassing or assaulting the girl, who is now 15. They are Jeffrey and Sherri Lumijarvi, John and Sarah Blodgett, Craig and Kelli Puzey, Robin and Sharla Anderson, and John and Melissa Norgren.

Attorney Amber Lunsford of Sacramento, Calif., who is representing the plaintiff, said at least some of the parents were told of the alleged harassment but did not intervene.

“I think it’s important the parents understand that they have a responsibility for their children,” said Lunsford. “Once we get the parents involved, maybe we can do something [about bullying].”

Attorneys for the Puzey and Blodgett families declined to discuss the case when reached for comment, while Portland attorney Lawrence B. Hunt, who is representing the Norgren family, said only that “we deny liability and deny that we did anything wrong” and that a formal response to the suit will be filed “at some point.”

Attorneys for the Lumijarvi and Anderson families could not be reached for comment.

The plaintiff’s family is seeking $2.5 million in damages. The lawsuit claims the girl suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and required heart surgery for a stress-related condition brought on by the alleged bullying.

Another lawsuit will be filed against Clatskanie Middle/High School over its role in the matter, according to Lunsford. She said school staff and Clatskanie police were aware of the incidents and failed to prevent them.

An email sent to Jeff Baughman, principal of Clatskanie Middle/High School, who is mentioned in the suit filed last month, had received no response as of press time.

More than 20 girls may have been victims of the alleged “sextortion,” Lunsford claimed.

“I know that there are a number of victims out there,” said Lunsford. “I’ve spoken to some other victims that I’m not at liberty to talk about, but I know that there are others out there. And [my client] knocks my socks off for being brave enough to come forward.”

The Spotlight does not publish the names of minors involved in sex abuse cases as a matter of editorial policy.

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