Following internal review, Chief Doug Greisen placed on unpaid leave even as second investigation gets underway

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - GreisenScappoose Police Chief Doug Greisen is serving a two-week unpaid suspension from his command of the Scappoose Police Department following an internal investigation that revealed he had violated 10 of the city’s policies and procedures for police officers.

Scappoose City Manager Jon Hanken, who has supervisory authority over all city department heads, including the police chief, also said Wednesday there are additional “potential issues” that are prompting a second investigation into Greisen.

The policies Greisen is said to have violated range from his duties as a supervisor, training, record keeping, driving tactics and his failure to remain current with Lexipol police procedures, Hanken said.

Lexipol is a limited liability company based in California that contracts with states and municipalities to provide best practices and up-to-date law enforcement policies and procedures with the intention of reducing risks and staying ahead of policing trends, including litigation trends.

Scappoose had adopted Lexipol policies and procedures for its police department, Hanken said, and added that all of the violations Greisen had committed resulting in his two-week suspension are captured in the Lexipol policy and procedures manual, which is more than 500 pages thick.

“There were a number of allegations associated with those,” Hanken said.

Greisen acknowledged the personnel issues and said he is confident any outstanding issues would be resolved.

“You know, Scappoose is my home. I have been a part of this community for over 35 years and it’s home to the best people in the world,” he said. “To that extent, there were personnel issues. I am confident that reasonable minds will prevail and everything will smooth itself out. As always, I’m committed to do anything I can to make Scappoose a safer and more livable city.”

Greisen was placed on leave Aug. 26 and is slated to return Sept. 9.

Lt. Norm Miller has been acting as the department’s commanding officer during Greisen’s suspension.

Hanken said Greisen was given the choice of using accrued vacation time in lieu of serving the suspension without pay, which he accepted.

“I gave him the option of taking vacation time and he chose to do it,” he said.

Hanken would not provide any specifics about the nature of the second investigation. When asked, however, if Greisen would be restored as police chief when he returns Sept. 9, Hanken hesitated.

“I am hesitating on answering that question simply because there are some other potential issues that I’m not going to go into at this time, because they are not substantiated,” Hanken said.

He said the city plans to conduct an investigation into those issues.

“Anytime there are allegations made, whether it comes from inside the office or outside the office, any city, any company, any corporation is going to take those allegations seriously,” Hanken said. “It’s due process, and that has to take place.”

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