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St. Helens School Board 'forgives' watering bill


The St. Helens School District resolved its dispute with the league that controls the maintenance schedule at the middle school athletic field Wednesday, Sept. 25, as the board voted unanimously to pay for watering costs incurred this summer.

St. Helens Youth Football had asked the district to consider paying the $2,987 it cost to keep the St. Helens Middle School athletic field watered over the summer. Board members debated at two earlier meetings whether the district should accept or decline.

“I’m kind of conflicted on this one, because there seems to have been maybe some kind of an agreement to pay the water bill, and the group had, apparently, access to turn the water on and off,” said board member Ray Biggs on Wednesday. “But then, on the other side, they did a lot of upgrading.”

District and league officials have disputed whether the league committed to shoulder the costs before the summer.

Biggs decided the league’s work on the field justified absorbing the watering costs.

“I think they’ve put out more than enough effort to offset the water bill,” Biggs said.

When board Chairman Marshall Porter asked members if they would like to approve Vice Chairman Gordon Jarman’s motion “forgiving the water bill,” all four board members present voted in favor.

Board member Jeff Howell was not present at Wednesday’s meeting.