New cameras, microphones, wiring in meeting room

by: SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: MARK MILLER - Commissioners Tony Hyde, left, and Henry Heimuller, right, on their cell phones after the Wednesday, Oct. 2, regular board meeting. New wireless microphones and a wall-mounted camera are visible in the meeting room.Columbia County commissioners and staff said Wednesday, Oct. 2,they will begin recording their regular meetings and posting video to the county website.

Henry Heimuller, chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, mentioned the new wireless microphones and cameras in the commissioners' meeting room in the Columbia County Courthouse after whining audio feedback interrupted his remarks during Wednesday's board meeting.

“We are just putting in a new camera system, both for security and recording purposes, as well as audio system that allows us to better record those folks in the audience, as well as public who are testifying,” Heimuller said.

Commissioner Tony Hyde said the recorded meetings may be posted to the website, which Heimuller confirmed.

“It'll actually end up [helping] us get our meetings out to the public a little better,” said Heimuller.

Jan Greenhalgh, office administrator for the board, said after the meeting that recordings of regular meetings in the room will be posted online starting next week or the week after.

Commissioners' staff meetings, which are typically held at 1 p.m., three hours after the 10 a.m. regular meetings on Wednesdays, will not be recorded, Greenhalgh said.

Staff meetings are typically used by commissioners to discuss specific issues in greater detail with county staff. They are usually held in a conference room in the commissioners' office, which is also in the courthouse building.

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