by: SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: ROBIN JOHNSON - The intersection of Siercks Road and Pisgah Home Road west of Scappoose, near where the accidental shooting occurred last Friday. A St. Helens woman was shot in a hunting accident a few miles west of Scappoose Friday, Nov. 1.

Lindsay Roub, 24, was shot in the leg by her own hunting rifle — a Remington model 700 — while maneuvering down a steep slope near Siercks Road and Pisgah Road in pursuit of a deer. Roub’s rifle somehow fired as she handed it to her hunting partner.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene when Roub’s partner, Raymond Ozias, 39, of St. Helens called for help at 5:12 p.m. Columbia County Sheriff Jeff Dickerson said it was somewhat unclear how Ozais reached 911, as cell phone reception in the woods where the incident occurred is poor. Dickerson said Ozais eventually contacted a “third party,” who then called 911. Deputies began searching in the area for the injured hunter at 5:21 p.m.

Deputy Bill Haas located the hunters at 5:35 p.m. and found Roub suffered a “serious” gunshot wound to her right leg. Deputies characterized Roub’s condition as “barely conscious” when they arrived. They fashioned a tourniquet around her leg to control her bleeding. Soon after, medics from the Scappoose Rural Fire District arrived and carried Roub out of the woods to an ambulance. Roub was then transported to a Portland hospital. Dickerson said he was unable to comment on the extent of Roub’s injuries.

Staff at the Sheriff’s Office said the shooting appears to be accidental.

Ozias reportedly told deputies he was hunting with Roub when they spotted a deer in the woods, and the hunters apparently chased the deer into a clear cut to take a clean shot at it. While moving in on the deer, Roub and Ozais climbed down a steep hill. Ozias told deputies he was walking in front of Roub with his rifle slung round his shoulder and Roub was carrying her own rifle behind him. At one point, Roub asked Ozias to take her rifle so she could climb down more easily.

Ozias told deputies that when Roub handed him the butt of her rifle, he grabbed it but started falling backward, somehow causing the rifle to fire. Ozais said he believes that a branch may have been stuck in the rifle’s trigger guard, causing the discharge.

Ozias told deputies he tried to call 911 but could not get service. He then applied a makeshift tourniquet to reduce Roub’s bleeding and continued to call for help. Ozias eventually reached Roub’s father, who responded to the scene.

Deputies said in a press release that they found the scene to be consistent with Ozias’ statement. Although the investigation will continue, the incident is being treated as an accidental shooting.

“We see it from time to time,” Dickerson said, speaking of hunting accidents. “People get shot going hunting. It happens.”

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