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School districts to make up snow days


by: FILE PHOTO - Snow storms in December and early February caused school closures throughout Columbia County. School districts have now planned to make up for missed days by extending their calenders.The St. Helens School District Board of Directors voted unanimously Wednesday, Feb. 26, to add two days to the end of the district’s school year to account for five missed school days due to snow.

The two extra days tacked on to the school district’s calendar are Thursday, June 12, and Friday, June 13. The final school day will be an early release day and the last day for teachers will be the following Monday, June 16, which Superintendent Mark Davalos said he would like to approach with leniency.

The Scappoose School District Board of Directors also added two days in June to account for its five-and-a-half snow days. At a Feb. 20 meeting, the board voted to extend the its calendar by adding one day for students and two for teachers. Scappoose students’ last day will be Thursday, June 12. The last day for teachers will be Friday, June 13.

Scappoose School District Superintendent Stephen Jupe said the board also adjusted the school’s trimesters so they will be evenly spaced throughout the year. By adding a week to the second trimester, students will have more time to bolster their knowledge and course scores before their second report cards are issued, Jupe said.

The extensions for both districts currently do not account for the potential of more missed school days due to inclement weather.