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Scappoose students avoid abduction attempt


Two men in a red car suspected of attempting to abduct three children

Three elementary school students notified Scappoose School District officials of multiple abduction attempts earlier this week.

Two Otto Peterson Elementary School students and one Grant Watts Elementary School student were targeted by men who asked the children to enter their car Tuesday afternoon and Wednedsay morning, according to a letter from Scappoose School District Superintendent Stephen Jupe.

Otto Peterson Elementary students reported to Principal Kelly Powell that they were approached by two men in a red car on their way home from school Tuesday night, Jupe wrote in a letter to parents in the district. Jupe said the students ignored the calls and kept walking until the men drove away.

A Grant Watts Elementary student also reported he was asked to enter a red car on his way to school Wednesday morning. That student also ignored the request and continued walking, Jupe wrote.

“Luckily, in both cases the students ignored the invitation to get into the car,” Jupe wrote, requesting parents to coach their students to be wary of such invitations, and to report such activity to a trusted adult.

“When in doubt, if parents or school employees become suspicious of a situation, it is always best to call the police, and inform your school or the District Office so that we are aware of the situation,” Jupe wrote.

Jupe did not return a call from the Spotlight for comment on the matter before press time.