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2 in custody after SWAT standoff in Clatskanie


BryanOregon State Police ended an hours-long standoff in Clatskanie Saturday, April 26, during which two suspects systematically called major Oregon media outlets from inside the residence.

The standoff, at a home on 160 SW Bryant St. in Clatskanie, ended peacefully when Carrie Hurley and James Marco Bryan surrendered.

Koin 6 News spoke to the suspects, while they were inside, surrounded by police.

Carrie Hurley, a resident who was inside the house, called Koin 6 News during the standoff to insist the pair were scared for their safety and had not done anything wrong.

Bryan was wanted on two parole violations

He has a lengthy criminal history including assault, possession of a controlled substance, driving under the influence, driving while suspended, menacing, harassment, criminal mischief, unlawful use of a weapon, and reckless endangerment.

Multiple calls to Koin 6 New

In an earlier call to Koin 6 News, Bryan said he tried to turn himself in at Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, but claims no one would come to get him.

He said he wrote several messages including “no rats” and “new world order” on plywood signs outside the house.

Hurley sent several photos to multiple newsrooms. In an email statement, she asked editors at Koin 6 News for help.

“I need cigarettes and medicine and some pop,” she said in the email statement.

Bryan is charged with resisting arrest, public indecency crim. mischief and failure to comply with arrest after slashing police tires and refusing to come out of the house.

“I personally have done everything as directed by my parole officer,” Bryan told Koin 6 News staff. “I don’t understand what’s going on.”

At one point, Hurley leaned out the window holding what looked like an electric drill.

Bryan said he was concerned his medical needs wouldn’t be met at Columbia County Jail. But, Clatskanie Police said that’s inaccurate.

“He did mention he suffered from some sort of seizure and our jail staff knows about it,” said Chief Marvin Hoover.

“I know that our jail’s not going to let somebody have a seizure and not be treated for it.”

Hurley faces a hindering charge in relation to her role in the afternoon’s events.