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Four vie for three open seats on Scappoose City Council

Four people are running for three seats on the Scappoose City Council, including an incumbent and three newcomers. Megan Greisen, Joel Haugen, Natalie Sanders and Patrick Kessi discuss their reasons for running and their priorities for Scappoose.

Megan Greisen GREISEN

Why I'm running for this position:

"My husband (Steven) and I are grateful to call Scappoose our hometown," Greisen stated. "Having grown up here and recently moved back to raise our own family, we are invested in what Scappoose is and what it will become. Currently, our community is at a pivotal crossroad between increased development and maintaining our small town heritage. I intend to make Scappoose a place we value, a place we enjoy, a place we are proud to call home for years to come."

My priorities for Scappoose:

"The size and location of Scappoose make our community extremely unique. As a desirable place to live, we must be strategic and proactive in our planning and growth during this pivotal time. Assessments and prioritized actions regarding our long-term vision and goals for housing and local economic development must be made."Greisen cited the need for "sensible growth" to maintain the small town feel of Scappoose, while meeting needs.

In addition to balanced growth, Greisen said traffic concerns, transportation and better parks and walkability are also on her radar. "As a City Councilor, I will encourage dialogue and collaboration among the city, our citizens, and businesses, as well as work closely with our School District, and police and fire departments for strategic decision-making. Maximizing our Annual Town Meeting and encouraging attendance of bi-monthly City Council meetings will surely support this needed collaboration.

Joel Haugen HAUGEN

Why I'm running for this position:

I am running for re-election because I feel I was productive over the past term and I hope to help continue the progress over the next term with a solid city council/mayor and excellent city manager.

My priorities for Scappoose:

My main priorities for the next term are increasing park and recreation resources, improving our water supply infrastructure, and working with the county to develop a new roadway to serve the airport development area and divert truck traffic away the city center. Attaining these improvements will require considerable effort and collaboration that I am willing to help with.

Natalie Sanders SANDERS

Why I'm running for this position:

“Actually I was approached by one of the existing council members," Sanders said, acknowledging City Councilor Joel Haugen encouraged her to run, after meeting her on the Scappoose Economic Development Committee.

"He said 'there's only one lady so it'd be nice to have more female representation for the city.'"

Sanders said she was "actually kind of surprised" that she was chosen to serve on the Economic Development Committee, because she didn't have much experience in local government.

"Through that, seeing how the government works was more intriguing," she said. "I thought if I might have a chance to do more for the city, I'd be open to doing that."

My priorities for Scappoose:

“My priorities are a downtown corridor revitalization," Sanders said. "We seem to not really have that downtown area and because Highway 30 splits the city, I'm interested in finding ways to tie the two sides together more." Sanders also said she'd like to work toward the beautification of the downtown area and make it look more cohesive.

Patrick Kessi: KESSI

Why I'm running for this position:

“Actually, there were quite a few things that I felt were important in the city,” Kessi said of his decision to run. “I grew up in Scappoose and I care tremendously about the city and I'm very much community minded. I'd like to extend the sidewalk system, mainly to improve the safety for our kids that are walking to school. I'd also like to try to connect the bike paths and trails and try to advocate for more parks on the north side of the city.”

My priorities for Scappoose:

“Having young kids in the community and living in the community, I'd like to improve the area and get a community center. The city is really progressing quite a bit and we have an evolving community.

I'd like to emphasize the long-term planning with long term implementation. I'd like to see a master plan development.

Kessi said he'd also emphasize and prioritize spending on infrastructure, roads, fire and police safety. “Those are essential needs for a growing community,” he said.