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Scappoose school shooting threat deemed hoax

Suspects identified, but no arrests made

Photo Credit: COURTNEY VAUGHN - Several Scappoose police cars parked outside Scappoosecap High School Wednesday, after the school found a written threat in a bathroom on campus.

The Scappoose School District couldn't release any further details of Wednesday's school shooting threat, but school district superintendent Stephen Jupe said Friday, “It was a hoax.”

A note left in a bathroom stall on the Scappoose High School campus stating a person had a gun and planned to “start shooting at 12:10 p.m.,” prompted district officials to close all schools within the district and send students home Wednesday.

The note indicated the shooter would take nine people. It quickly circulated on social media.

"We had too many specifics on a bathroom stall not to take it seriously,"  Jupe said Wednesday.

Scappoose Police Chief Norman Miller confirmed Friday that no arrests have been made in connection with the threat, but the incident is being investigated.

"We have identified people of interest and we are current following up on leads," Miller stated.

Schools resumed with their normal class schedules Thursday, but some parents were uneasy about sending their kids back to school, without a suspect in custody.

Jupe declined to go into detail about the suspects identified Friday, citing the federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.