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Police: Dozing driver takes out signal at Highway 30, Columbia Blvd.

Road closed at Highway 30 heading into Houlton due to damage

Photo Credit: COURTESY OF COLUMBIA RIVER FIRE AND RESCUE - St. Helens police and Columbia River Fire & Rescue responders assess the damage caused by a pickup truck crashing into the signal cabinet at Highway 30 and Columbia Boulevard in St. Helens Wednesday, Feb. 11.The traffic signal at Highway 30 and Columbia Boulevard was knocked offline Wednesday, Feb. 11, when a pickup truck crashed into the signal cabinet, St. Helens police said.

According to the police, 52-year-old driver Scott A. Conger of Yakima, Wash., fell asleep at the wheel while traveling southbound on Highway 30, drifted across the northbound lanes and struck the metal box at about 3:30 p.m.

“The box and all of the electrical components inside were completely destroyed,” a Thursday press release from the St. Helens Police Department stated in part. “Miraculously no other vehicles or pedestrians were struck.”

Conger was taken to a Portland-area hospital and cited for reckless driving.

The Oregon Department of Transportation also responded to the wreck, setting up all-way stop signs to control traffic at the intersection.

The city of St. Helens closed Columbia Boulevard eastbound at Highway 30 and set up a detour route for motorists.

ODOT said Wednesday it could take “a couple of days” to complete the repairs. It advised drivers to expect minor delays, especially during the morning and evening commutes.

The police department suggested pedestrians should consider crossing the highway at St. Helens Street, as the crosswalk signals at the Columbia Boulevard intersection were also rendered inoperable.