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Sinister graffiti discovered at SHS

Police say etching is not a threat to the safety of students and staff.

The Scappoose School District on Friday, May 9, reported the discovery of an etching in the boy's locker room of Scappoose High School reading “shooting 20th.”

The Scappoose Police Department was notified and responded immediately, ultimately determining the graffiti did not constitute a viable threat to the safety of students and staff. Police and school administrators also discovered the etching had been present for “some time,” according to a release from the district. Still, law enforcement and school officials said they will take the threat seriously.

“In this day and age, threats of this nature must be treated seriously even when it seems clear the action is more along the lines of a prank than a viable threat,” the release read. “The bathroom area, as well as the remainder of the school, will continue to be monitored closely for any subsequent threatening graffiti.”

If anyone has further information regarding the graffiti, they are encouraged to contact the Scappoose Police Department at 503-543-3114 or the Scappoose School District office at 503-543-6374.

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