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Reinstatement of St. Helens Girls Softball Association president draws criticism

Association president Jeff Kroll scheduled for February arraignment

Several parents in St. Helens are concerned about the possible reinstatement of St. Helens Girls Softball Association board president Jeffrey Kroll after he announced a leave of absence from the board in November.

Kroll’s leave came shortly after he was arrested and released by the St. Helens Police Department on Nov. 17 on one count of furnishing alcohol to a 14-year-old girl.

St. Helens Police Chief Terry Moss said the investigation did not concern Kroll’s involvement with the softball association.

A post on the softball group’s Facebook page on Wednesday, Jan. 20, indicated the interim board members reinstated Kroll to his position as president. The message also stated that Kroll had acted in an advisory capacity to the board over the past several months.

“We admire Jeff’s concern for the children in our league by taking a leave of absence and separating personal issues from impacting the league,” the post also stated.

By Wednesday afternoon, the post was removed from the Facebook page.

Representatives from the softball association said they could not confirm if Kroll had been returned to his position, but said the matter would be discussed within the next few days.

Several parents are concerned that reinstating Kroll could send the wrong message.

“What does this teach our children? That there is no accountability for wrong doings,” according to an email from a parent involved with the softball association who asked not to be named.

Kroll is scheduled to appear in St. Helens Municipal Court in February for arraignment on the charges. He was initially scheduled to be arraigned in St. Helens Municipal Court in December.