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Man arrested for trying to ship marijuana to California

A suspicious package received at All About Mail in Scappoose earlier this month turned out to be marijuana.

Employees notified the Scappoose Police Department after a man dropped off a package on Aug. 4 that smelled heavily of marijuana, according to the police department.

RICHARDSThe package was bound for California, but it was intercepted by police and held for inspection.

Columbia County's narcotics enforcement team, CENT, assisted with an investigation and arrested Brian D. Richards, 60, who dropped off the package and admitted he tried to ship the marijuana to California with the US Postal Service, according to a news release from the Scappoose police. Richards' address was on the shipping label, Scappoose Police Chief Norm Miller said.

Richards was arrested on Aug. 15 for importing/exporting marijuana and delivery of marijuana. He was booked into the Columbia County Jail.

California allows medical marijuana usage, but does not allow marijuana to be used recreationally, unlike Oregon.

The U.S. Postal Service allows controlled substances to be shipped through its domestic mail services, but only under limited circumstances, typically involving law enforcement or Drug Enforcement Administration certification, according to USPS regulations.

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