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Warren 3rd-grader honored for charity work

Destiny Wells is raising money for another child to compete in Special Olympics

Photo Credit: MARK MILLER - Destiny Wells (foreground), a third-grade student at Warren Elementary School, is honored at a Scappoose School District board meeting Monday, Feb. 9, by Superintendent Stephen Jupe (background, center). Also pictured: school board members Will Kessi (left) and Michelle Graham (right).A very small girl is making a very big difference at Warren Elementary School.

Destiny Wells, a third-grader at Warren Elementary, has been collecting small change since December as part of a penny drive, which is intended to help pay for another child to prepare for the Special Olympics this summer.

With the help of her leadership group, she is trying to raise $50.

This month, the Scappoose Rotary Club is recognizing Wells as its “Student of the Month.”

“We’re very proud of Destiny and what she’s been doing at school,” said Laura LaMarsh, principal of Warren Elementary, at a school board meeting Monday, Feb. 9, where Wells was honored. “We continue to watch that penny jug fill up with those pennies. And every little penny, while it doesn’t mean a whole bunch to most people, for the students and for the work that Destiny is doing, it makes a big difference.”

Photo Credit: MARK MILLER - Warren Elementary School student Destiny Wells (left) with Scappoose School District Superintendent Stephen Jupe (right) at a school board meeting Monday, Feb. 9. Also pictured: board member Michelle Graham (center).LaMarsh said Wells came to her with the idea for the penny drive and presented “a very brilliant proposal.”

“We don’t often recognize our younger students,” said LaMarsh. “And Destiny is someone I am so proud to know and so proud to have represent Warren School.”

Board Chairman Will Kessi thanked Wells for her work.

“You’re a good example,” Kessi said. “For adults, too, not just kids.”

Stephen Jupe, superintendent of the Scappoose School District, said LaMarsh nominated Wells to be the Rotary Student of the Month.

Even members of the school board ponied up some cash for Wells’ penny drive Monday evening.

“I don’t have a hundred pennies, but you’ll take paper money, won’t you?” asked board member Jim Hoag, to laughter.

Wells said the drive will be wrapping up next month.