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St. Helens schools superintendent accepts job in Washington state

Mark Davalos, Centralia School District yet to sign contract

Mark Davalos.Mark Davalos, superintendent of the St. Helens School District, is likely to take a job with the Centralia School District in Washington.

The school board in Centralia, Wash., voted last week to offer Davalos a position as superintendent. Davalos has served as superintendent in St. Helens since 2011.

Davalos said Monday, March 9, that he has accepted the offer but is negotiating terms of employment with the Centralia School District before making it official.

“We haven't signed a contract yet, but I intend to,” he said.

A formal announcement will come when the St. Helens school board meets next Thursday, March 19, he added.

Kim Ashmore, president of the Centralia school board, expressed satisfaction with the district's hiring process and outcome.

"This was a long process that involved a lot of stakeholders in our system and the community,” he said in a statement posted to the Centralia School District's website. "After carefully considering the input we received on all of our candidates, and after serious deliberation as a board, we are excited to offer this position to Mr. Davalos and we’re looking forward to a new chapter of success stories in the Centralia School District.”

Davalos' departure will come at a time of change for the St. Helens School District.

A third comprehensive grade school is expected to open by fall in Columbia City. The district and partners in the sports community have plans to overhaul the athletics complex at St. Helens High School over the summer. And within the district's leadership, nearly the entire school board has turned over within the past two years, and a new business manager started work earlier this year.