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Candidate says voter pamphlet is inaccurate

Wayne Mayo.The November 2014 voter guide pamphlet is slated to be mailed to households in a couple weeks, but county commissioner candidate Wayne Mayo says it contains a discrepancy in his candidate profile.

In the voter pamphlet, which is currently available online, Mayo described himself as the chief petitioner and author of six ballot measures, including the 1999 People’s Utility District annexation of Scappoose, St. Helens, Columbia City and Rainier.

That’s not entirely correct.

He was one of the three chief petitioners for the annexation of Columbia City into the Columbia River People’s Utility District and says he helped gather the signatures needed to get the measures put on the ballot.

To date, Mayo has authored six ballot measures, and served as the chief petitioner on three, including the PUD effort in Columbia City, an E-Verify measure that would require companies to only employ people with the legal right to work in the U.S. and a related measure that proposed to require signage at construction sites indicating only legal workers were employed there.

Measure 5-190, the E-Verify measure, passed, but was later overturned. Measure 5-191, the signage proposal, was not approved by voters.

Mayo said the discrepancy in this year’s voter pamphlet was due to a memory lapse on his part.

“It’s just a mistake,” he said Wednesday. “It’s been 15 years [since the PUD petition].”

Mayo vowed to run ads in local media outlets, including the Spotlight, to supply voters with the correct information. (His disclaimer can be found under “Announcements/Notices” in the Community Classifieds section, page B7.)

He was reminded of his status on the elector’s petition by Bill Eagle, who was one of the chief petitioners for the St. Helens annexation.

“As soon as I found out, I tried to have it corrected,” Mayo said. By that time, it was too late.

Donald Clack, elections supervisor for the Columbia County Elections Department, confirmed that Mayo called and spoke with him but said he informed the candidate that the printing deadline had passed.

Mayo also reached out to the Oregon secretary of state’s office to note the correction, but Columbia County voter pamphlets are handled directly by the county, Clack said.

Asked whether he was worried about the impact the misinformation could have on his campgain, Mayo said he’s more concerned about putting in enough face time with voters before the election.

“Details matter, but I’m not worried about it,” Mayo said.

Mayo is running for the second position on the Board of County Commissioners against incumbent Henry Heimuller.

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