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Heritage Park Improvements moving forward

City contracts with firm to design fountain, playground and landscape improvements

Long-awaited improvements to Heritage Park are advancing.

City councilors in Scappoose approved a bid award to Portland design firm Cardno for design services for bioswales, interpretive signage, disabled-accessible children’s playground, lighting, fencing, new sidewalks and a wheelchair-accessible ramp to the park’s existing gazebo.

MICHAEL CURRY DESIGN  - A 20-foot tall water fountain designed by Michael Curry is one of several features set to be installed at Heritage Park in Scappoose. The fountain design has been scaled down, but will still be a tree-like fountain that can be activated with a button.Renowned designer Michael Curry worked with the Rotary Club of Columbia County to design a 20-foot tall tree-like water play fountain for the park. The fountain is designed to be activated with a button.

The design has since been scaled back after a series of budget constraints, but the project is still slated to be installed. The Rotary club has been collecting donations for the water feature and plans to gift the fountain to the city.

In November 2014, Rotary Club members told Scappoose city councilors that they expected the fountain to be installed in June 2016.

Construction on the planned upgrades has occurred in phases, with donated labor from Northwest College of Construction.

Residents in Scappoose told city officials that parks were a top priority during a recent town hall meeting. In Decem-ber 2014, the city took resi-

dent feedback about what features to include in the revamped park.

The city will contract with Cardno for just under $39,000. Last year, the city received a $180,000 grant from the Oregon Parks & Recreational Grant to use toward Heritage Park upgrades, which will provide $10,000 in design services that will be used toward the Cardno contract.

City engineer Chris Negelspach said he hopes to see the work kicked off by spring.

Once completed, Heritage Park will have a drinking fountain, a water fountain that allows for splash play during warm summer months, new lighting, irrigation and a playground.