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Pomp and Circumstance

High school seniors in St. Helens encourage elementary students in inaugural event

SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: NICOLE THILL - Elizabeth Phelps, a senior at St. Helens High School, reaches up to high-five a group of students at Lewis and Clark Elementary School. She was one of many seniors to greet young students in the hallways of the elementary school Wednesday. Seniors at St. Helens High School paraded through the hallways of McBride Elementary School, Lewis and Clark Elementary School and St. Helens Middle School during the inaugural “Senior Walk," Wednesday, June 8.

Students clapped and cheered as the seniors walked down the halls, while some stopped to hug younger siblings and former elementary school teachers. Staff came up with the idea to host the Senior Walk where graduating seniors walk through the hallways at the district's elementary and middle schools in caps and gowns to encourage younger students to aspire to high school graduation. The idea was conceived after staff had seen a video clip of a similar ceremony at a Texas school. Cathy Carson and Lisa Rawlings, principals at Lewis and Clark Elementary School and McBride Elementary School, respectively, said they hope to make the Senior Walk an annual tradition.