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Scappoose police cite four in OLCC sting

Police, OLCC target each business selling alcohol within city limits

The Scappoose Police Department, in collaboration with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, performed a sting operation Friday, April 18, on alcohol-serving Scappoose businesses.

Overall, the sting resulted in the department citing and releasing four individuals for furnishing alcohol to minors.

Scappoose Police Lt. Norm Miller said he contacted OLCC to arrange the sting operation as it had been a long time since the department carried one out. He said the department and OLCC cast a broad net, hitting every business that sells alcohol within the Scappoose city limits, a total of 18.

Police on Friday cited and released individuals from Scappoose’s Grocery Outlet, Ixtapa Family Restaurant, Simm Oriental Restaurant and Scappoose’s Shell Gas Station on Havlik Drive for selling alcohol to minors.

While Scappoose police issued the citations, Miller said OLCC performed the sting.

“OLCC brings decoys and there were two teams,” Miller said, “One OLCC rep was with each team, as well as a decoy. If they sell to one of the decoys, which is a minor, then we come in and give a citation for furnishing.”

Miller said the citation for furnishing alcohol to a minor carries with it a $6,300 fine, but added that amount could vary. He said OLCC will issue a citation to each business as well, but didn’t know what such a citation might cost the businesses.

An OLCC spokesperson did not return a call for comment by the Spotlight before press time.

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