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St. Helens Police seeking suspect information in vandalism incident

Two accounts of graffitti reported in separate locations over the weekend

PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE ST. HELENS POLICE DEPARTMENT - Graffitti markings like this were also discovered on a church building Monday morning. People who may recognize the markings or might have information about suspects are enocouraged to contact the St. Helens Police Department.Two accounts of vandalism at two separate locations were reported to the St. Helens Police Department on Monday morning, Feb. 1. Police are seeking any information from the public about the incidents that occurred over the weekend.

Graffiti markings of red, blue, and black text were discovered on the bathrooms in Campbell Park on Columbia Boulevard and Vernonia Road, and on the side of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints building on Sykes Road.

These markings were discovered on the bathrooms in Cambell Park. The two incidents occurred sometime between Friday night, Jan. 29, and Monday morning, Feb. 1. The graffiti in both locations was similar in nature and style, meaning both were likely done by the same person or group of people, according to Police Chief Terry Moss. Offenders tend to replicate similar graffiti styles, tags and images, a SHPD press release also stated.

SHPD is seeking any information about the incidents, including suspect information. Individuals with information about either incident, or who may recognize the graffiti markings or tags, are encouraged to contact Office Kevin Miller at 503-397-152.