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Greisen, PRC meeting delayed again

City attorney to schedule next meeting with Greisen's attorney

by: SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: ROBIN JOHNSON - Doug Greisen, recently terminated from his position as Scappoose Police Chief, sits before a committee of Scappoose city councilors. The committee is tasked with determining whether the termination fell withing existing law and policy. A committee of Scappoose city councilors on Tuesday, May 20, delayed a hearing with Doug Greisen, whose position as Scappoose Police Chief was recently terminated. The committee, called the Personnel Review Committee, is tasked with determining whether interim City Manager Don Otterman was acting within existing law and policy when he terminated Greisen's contract.

The PRC, made up of councilors Jeff Erickson, Larry Meres, and Jason Meshell, as well as City Attorney Kyle Abraham, did meet with Greisen in a brief open session Tuesday to ask what policies or laws Otterman violated in firing Greisen. Greisen, however, insisted he was unprepared for the hearing without his attorney present.

Greisen appealed Otterman's decision in early April, claiming his termination is wrong and unlawful, which resulted in the formation of the committee.

Throughout the meeting, Scappoose's labor attorney, Kyle Abraham stated the PRC's purpose, while Greisen argued he had not been granted enough time to prepare.

“The committee's charge is to review Mr. Otterman's actions to determine whether Mr. Otterman's actions were in compliance with existing policies and laws,” Abraham said. “That's the charge and that's the legal authority of the committee—no more, no less. That's what the municipal code allows them to do, no more, no less. That said, the committee is asking me to inquire to you can you identify the existing policies and laws that you claim Mr. Otterman did not comply with?”

Greisen then launched into a discussion about his time with the city and said he had earlier replied to the PRC's questions and had questions of his own, some regarding Otterman and other city officials.

“I think we need to go back to the questions that you guys sent to us and that I sent you—my attorney did—over a week ago, and I think before we go on, I want to say that I'm here because my request for a PRC to review my termination and in 14 years as chief of police I am dedicated to the city and the community,” Greisen said, noting among other things that he understood investigations into his alleged running of a hostile workplace were not sustained, but not seemingly addressing which policies or laws Otterman violated in firing Greisen.

Abraham cited the PRC's role again and asked Greisen to identify which existing laws and policies Otterman allegedly violated.

After much back and fourth between Greisen and Abraham, the committee broke and exited the council chambers into a separate room. Upon returning, Meres said the PRC had decided to grant Greisen a delay. Abraham said that delay must be taken consistent with the limitations of the PRC—to determine the legality of Otterman's actions in terminating Greisen's contract. Abraham said he will contact Greisen's attorney to schedule the next meeting.

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