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3-month-old horse rescued from backyard pool

Firefighters use hose as sling to reunite filly with her mother

COURTESY OF COLUMBIA RIVER FIRE & RESCUE - Personnel from Columbia River Fire & Rescue attempt to ease Amy Lou, a 3-month-old filly, out of a swimming pool on Dike Road near Rainier.A 3-month-old filly fell into a swimming pool at a Rainier-area home and had to be rescued by firefighters Thursday, July 30, according to Columbia River Fire & Rescue.

The young horse was either “unable” or “unwilling” to get out of the pool after entering it, according to an email from Greg Brody, a lieutenant at the Rainier fire station, passed along to the Spotlight on Thursday by Fire Chief Jay Tappan.

Firefighters reportedly responded to the scene in a backyard on Dike Road at about 8:43 a.m. Several other fire district personnel, including two mechanics, arrived afterward “to offer muscle,” as Brody put it.

“Using a fire hose as a sling, the horse 'Amy Lou' was removed safely from the pool,” Brody concluded. “Eventually, she made it back onto her feet and reunited with her concerned mother.”