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Hackers target Port of St. Helens

Agency reported at least three incidents of its website being hacked

Repeated hacking attacks on the Port of St. Helens left the agency’s website down for more than a week last month.

The port’s website is scheduled to be revamped over the next four months regardless, but after three documented hacking incidents, the website’s content was taken offline briefly.

“This last time had a link to some inappropriate material,” Patrick Trapp, the port’s executive director, stated via email earlier this week.

TRAPPTrapp referred to the repeated hacking as a “nuisance issue,” noting the port’s website does not contain or store any sensitive information.

It’s unclear why the agency was targeted. The incidents appeared random — often causing uploaded documents like meeting minutes or resolutions to disappear from the site.

After the third hacking incident last month, the site was limited to a message that read, “Our website will be under construction for the next four months please call the Port office for information or if you need assistances with slip, hangar or RV site rentals.”

That message was later updated to include the port’s phone number before content was restored.

The port did not file any police reports to document the cyber attacks, according to Trapp.

The port is the primary agency for industrial land, often serving as the first stop for new businesses looking for space to lease. The agency is also slated to begin recruiting for a new executive director later this year, sparking concerns from port commissioners about having a web page under construction or worse, not having one at all, as was the case recently.

Trapp said the port is contracting with a firm to rebuild the agency’s website, which is expected to take about four months.