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At Pinpoint Acupuncture, our business is helping others

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(Image is Clickable Link) Brad Whisnant I have had the pleasure and privilege of working in St. Helens for the last seven years and serving the local population. This is the first column of many that I’ll be writing in the coming year. As such, I wanted to introduce myself and my clinic to those that don’t know us yet.

I’m a native Oregonian and have spent my entire life helping others. I served four years in the U.S. Marines and then graduated from Portland State University, at which point I began my career of helping others in earnest.

At the age of 34, I knew I wanted to pursue a childhood goal of practicing medicine. I enrolled in the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and graduated in 2007 with a master’s degree in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture.

Then, in 2011, I graduated from the Emperor’s College in California with a doctorate degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Less than 3 percent of all acupuncturists have a doctorate degree in America.

Our alternative medicine practice at Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic brings “3,000 years of Chinese medicine” into the present by incorporating modern research in my treatment strategies. I have interned internationally and have been taught by world-class acupuncturists and master herbalists.

Over the past seven years, a time in which I have overseen more than 65,000 treatments, we have helped so many people. I encourage all of you to visit and say “hello” at the Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic in St. Helens, located at 36200 Pittsburg Road. Or give us a call at 503-397-1505. We are here to provide information about the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

In the coming months, I’ll be writing monthly articles about medicine, health and acupuncture. Make sure you check back often for great medical tips, ideas and healthcare solutions.

I’m so appreciative of this community and its people. Thank you for allowing me to assist you all in your healthcare needs.