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Spring Meadows fundraiser aids fight agaisnt local hunger

Donation of more than $1,700 made on Monday to local food bank

PHOTO COURTESY OF CASEY WHEELER - Kathy Hale, a receptionist at Spring Meadows (center) and Ellen Bailey, a Spring Meadows board member, present a check to Casey Wheeler, the Columbia Pacific Food Bank's executive director, on Monday, March 21.The Columbia Pacific Food Bank received a $1,720 donation from residents and staff members at the Spring Meadows Assisted Living Community, Monday, March 21.

“We are very grateful to Spring Meadows for this donation as it creates the equivalent of 5,160 meals for those in need,” Casey Wheeler, executive director of CPFB, stated in a press release Monday.

Kathy Hale, a receptionist at Spring Meadows, and Ellen Bailey, a board member, presented the donation to Wheeler.

In November, one staff member at the assisted living facility came up with the idea to organize a food donation drive and began promoting it with the residents, Hale said. The goal was to raise $800 by collecting donations of any amount from residents and their family members who visited the facility.

Elderserv, the nonprofit organization that owns and operates the facility, along with the Spring Meadows board of directors, pledged to match the final collection amount before it was given to the food bank, Hale explained.

“We thought, there's so many people in St. Helens who don't have enough money to feed themselves," Hale said. "This is a way to help other people."

Donations were received from residents, staff and family members over the past five months. The fundraiser's grand total exceeded the initial goal by $60.

Hale said staff kept track of donation goals by creating a display board in the lobby to show progress.

Hale said the residents at Spring Meadows thought the fundraiser was a great idea to help those in need, and said the assisted living facility will likely host another one in the future.