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Year in Review: Heroes emerge after violent St. Helens dispute

   A typically peaceful St. Helens neighborhood turned violent on a spring afternoon in March, when 71-year-old Robert Simms Goin fired shots at his 75-year-old neighbor, Albert Schneider.

Police said Schneider intervened in a dispute between Goin and some neighborhood teens. When Schneider intervened, Goin armed himself with a handgun. Schneider was able to get the gun away from Goin, but not before Goin shot him in the stomach in front of his house.

That’s when another neighbor heard the commotion and intervened.

GoinJacob Jones, 35, ran barefooted down his street to find Schneider on the ground, conscious but unable to get up. He saw Goin emerge from his house with another gun and acted quickly to disarm him.

“I grabbed him and kind of locked up his wrist and elbow and I stepped in front of him and swooped his legs out and took him down to the ground, and then I just did like you see the police officers do and I put his hand behind his back,” Jones told the Spotlight in an April interview.

Schneider survived his injury. He and Jones were later hailed as heroes by the St. Helens Police Department. Goin remains in Columbia County Jail, awaiting a trial for attempted murder.