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Apartment complex planned for Scappoose

16-unit complex proposed in city's downtown overlay

A new apartment complex is slated for development in Scappoose.

The Scappoose Planning Commission approved a site development review plan Thursday, Feb. 25, for a 16-unit, multifamily development at the corner of East Columbia Avenue and West Lane Road. The apartment complex would be built as separate two-story structures, each 29-feet tall, on separate lots across the street from each other on West Lane Road, according to plans.

SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: COURTNEY VAUGHN - Two lots at the corner of West Lane Road and Columbia Avenue in Scappoose are slated to be developed as a 16-unit apartment complex. The Scappoose Planning Commission approved the project Thursday, Feb. 25. As proposed, WDC Properties would develop a .45 acre lot into four two-bedroom units and 12 studio units in the city’s downtown overlay, next to Pizza Vendor and a former healthcare facility. Each unit will have a private porch or balcony. A fenced play area is also included in the plans.

WDC representatives told planning commissioners that the company constructs the homes, then maintains and manages them once leases are secured with tenants.

It’s unclear what the rent on the new homes will be. Calls to WDC were not returned by presstime.

The proposed project yielded no public testimony during the commission’s review, but the city received two letters from nearby residents.

Planning Commissioner Bill Blank said the developer will have to comply with conditions of approval, which will help reduce some of the impacts to surrounding properties.

Barring any appeals or objections to the conditions of approval, WDC may start the construction process once it gets approval from the city’s engineering and building department.

To meet city development standards, the new complex will provide 18 parking spaces and a new fire hydrant.

Some say the addition of multifamily housing addresses the area’s housing shortage.

Renters, Realtors and organizations like Community Action Team say Columbia County has little to no vacancy rates on most of its rental units.

Blank, who also serves as director for Columbia County Habitat for Humanity, acknowledged that home building has returned to Scappoose following the recession, but housing remains a coveted commodity.

“Overall, sure. More affordable housing is always nice,” Blank said. “That’s always the question, is it affordable or not? Like anything, we’re all looking for housing.”