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Year in Review: Scappoose design team wows at Super Bowl

   During the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show, pop artist Katy Perry kicked off her set on a giant, prismatic lion, designed by Scappoose-based Michael Curry Design Studio.

The metallic gold, 14-foot tall lion was controlled by puppeteers and gained national media attention.

Michael Curry’s theatrical designs have landed his studio prestigious gigs designing stage sets for top 40 pop artists like Perry, as well as the Olympics, Cirque du Soleil and Broadway productions of The Lion King.

PHOTO COURTESY OF MICHAEL CURRY DESIGN  - A huge kinetic lion is wheeled into the parking lot at Michael Curry Design studio in Scappoose. The lion was showcased at the 2015 Super Bowl in Glendale, Ariz., as Katy Perry entered the stage atop the lion during her halftime performance.“I made it move in slow motion to compound the sense of scale and weight,” Curry told the Spotlight in February. “It’s one of the keys of my work is doing really sophisticated sculpture, but then taking it to the next level, which is movement.”

The lion took 30 people to create and captured the attention of more than 118 million people.