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Preserve the Crown Zellerbach Trail

Brian Degerness lives in Scappoose and is the owner of Fitness Connection.

(Image is Clickable Link) SPOTLIGHT FILE PHOTO - The Crown Zellerbach Trail is a recreational trail that runs from Scappoose to Vernonia. Following the first reading to adopt the city's new Transportation System Plan, several people have raised concerns new roads identified in the plan for construction to accommodate growth at the airport would negatively affect the CZ Trail. The city of Scappoose held a public hearing and approved the plan ordinance on first reading at its last meeting, July 18. At the meeting scheduled for Monday, Aug. 1, a second reading of the ordinance and final adoption is expected.

Big change is coming to Scappoose. 

As a small business owner, I am deeply concerned with the proposed changes to the Crown-Zellerbach Trail by property developers in conjunction with industrial development and the Portland Community College campus being built in Columbia County. 

The CZ Trail, as it is called by locals, is a treasure in our community, providing over 20 miles of exceptional and accessible trails that encompass wildlife-filled forests to the west, and beautiful fields and the Multnomah Channel to the east, right at the doorstep of current residents as well as future students of PCC. 

As an advocate of fitness in our community, I believe the CZ Trail provides a unique opportunity to residents of all physical abilities to enjoy the health benefits of the outdoors. There are no other trails in the city where families can walk, jog or bike to enjoy waterfront and forestlands. 

In reference to your recent article addressing the issue of major traffic congestion as Scappoose grows, it is even more important to address transportation solutions now to ensure our quality of life in Columbia County. As young adults, and health-minded environmentally sensitive people continue to move to Scappoose, they will want transportation options involving the ability to safely walk or bicycle to school or work. 

We need to also consider the needs of seniors and families that use the trail for recreation and appreciate the buffer to new development that

it provides to adjacent neighborhoods.  

By providing safe transportation alternatives to current and future residents of Columbia County, we safeguard the quality of life for future generations. Altering the CZ Trail by allowing a portion of the trail to become an actual road or having road crossings on this historic trail will endanger pedestrians and others, as well as residents living along the trail. This is not in the best interest of our community and is formally opposed by the Scappoose Parks and Recreation Committee.  

By preserving the integrity of the Crown-Zellerbach Trail, we continue the legacy it represents and save taxpayer dollars by not having to build additional trails.

Brian Degerness lives in Scappoose and is the owner of Fitness Connection.