I attended the Columbia County Commissioners Candidate Forum last Thursday evening and appreciated the opportunity to listen to each of the candidates and learn more about where they stand on issues.

I found myself impressed with a candidate who I had not considered. Terry Luttrell's common sense, conservative values and understanding of the need for some large businesses in our area, which will allow the small businesses to thrive, gave him high marks from me.

I only wish a larger crowd of concerned citizens had attended.

It is time for change.

I am stuck on what appeared to me a total disregard of our current commissioners to the old Columbia Health District's flagrant lack of accountability to the people of this county. Was there fraud? I don't believe the financial records were reviewed nor audited when leadership changed.

It was my understanding the 'books' disappeared.

The commissioners refused to take a stand and, when I contacted the state Attorney General's Office, they said that in order for them to investigate they needed an invitation from our county.

Why did the commissioners do nothing? To my way of thinking, either the books need to reappear and be audited, or legal action taken.

We need new commissioners who show by their actions that they truly care where our taxpayer dollars are spent.

Nancy Reed, Scappoose

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