It is said that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Well, I'm here to say that is not true. To my shame I have never taken an interest in politics or what was going on in my county.

In the last year or so I have been frustrated and appalled with what has been going on in my county with the hospital disaster. At first I thought it was a complicated issue that I did not totally understand. After listening to Tammy Maygra and Brady Preheim, it has been simplified.

The problem rests with the failure of the commission to defend and support the 73 percent of the voters who voted to stop the tax and credit the remaining assets to the taxpayers in the special district and not give the Millard Road property to the city of St. Helens, free of charge.

Maygra and Preheim faced this challenge head on in order to right a grievous wrong done by those who are now holding county commissioner offices. They both are involved in a lawsuit (which is of absolutely no cost to the county) to prevent the Millard Road property from going to the city.

Neither Maygra or Preheim are politicians. They are hard-working, honest candidates who have listened, and will listen, to the voice of the people.

Please do not be as I have been, uninformed as to what is happening in this county. I was shocked when I finally opened my eyes and saw the malfeasance of office which has been going on against the citizens of the county.

I hope you are not like I have been in the past. When I saw or heard something I believed was very wrong, I did nothing. I simply assumed others would step up and take care of the problem. That is what Maygra and Preheim and a growing number of others are attempting to do.

We need change. We need plain, every day people in office who can relate to what the voters really want done. I hope you vote for Tammy Maygra and Brady Preheim.

Kathy and Ethel Phelan, St. Helens

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