I wrote a letter a couple of weeks ago regarding the people who are running for the commissioner positions.

I stated that Colleen DeShazer bragged about being on the Columbia Health District board when the hospital project was first started. Imagine my surprise when Ms. DeShazer denied ever being on the board and said she wished political campaigns would not slight the candidates.

My information came directly from This information was put on this website by Ms. DeShazer herself. She even states that she was co-chair of the CHD and that she directed a 'grassroots organization that was working on a Critical Access Hospital Project for Columbia County.' So what it comes down to is this - she was either being totally untruthful then or she is being totally untruthful now. Take your pick.

I suggest you vote for Brady Preheim for position 1 and Tammy Maygra for position 3. You won't have to worry that what they tell you is the truth.

Peggy Crisp, Warren

(Editor's note: The Spotlight followed up with Colleen DeShazer, a candidate for Position 1 on the Columbia County Board of Commissioners, regarding her role with the Columbia Health District. DeShazer clarified that she worked as part of a grassroots campaign to help build a coalition in support of increasing access to health care in Columbia County, including grant writing. Her page, which has been cited by critics, does not indicate she was a cochair of the CHD Board of Directors, though she says she was considered a co-chair of an unofficial committee that started work on the hospital project. She cites her involvement in the hospital effort as terminating in 2002, two years prior to the 2004 vote in which residents approved the hospital project and established the Columbia Health District. - DS.)

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