It is time for me to write another letter.

I thank The Spotlight for the excellent report on heroin (see 'Hike in heroin use a sobering reality for law enforcement,' April 25). It is an ongoing problem and will not stop unless people in neighborhoods start keeping a log with license numbers if they see too much traffic go in and out of houses. It works. Do not be intimidated by anyone. We are short of officers because you did not pass the sheriff's levy. I warned you all in a letter. We need to wake up and help.

Also, people running for office in our state do not always state what they stand for. Example, we need a strong attorney general. Rosenbaum is running. However, she does not say in the newspaper her stand on pot. Horton is running against her. She says child abuse, abuse, etc. is her stand on laws. But she did not tell you on TV or in the newspaper. She says Horton is not in touch on pot. Yeah for Horton. I changed my mind when I read that in an article ran in the April 24 Oregonian.

Pot is a gateway drug. I do not care to hear it is not. Oh sure, it leads to heroin, cocaine, meth and all the crap you can buy legally to get high. It only takes a few minutes of your time to take down license numbers and call: St. Helens Tip Line, 503-397-0007, dispatch, 503-397-1521 or drug enforcement, 503-397-1167. Be responsible. It works. I know.

I was appalled when I went to Rachel's Challenge. It was excellent and got to the heart of bullying. Take a minute to be nice to new people wherever you are. Stop and think how you would feel if it were you. Suicides are large in our community. Stop any kind of drug use, illegal ones or prescription drugs, in the hands of our young or anyone who uses them illegally. Oxycontin, etc. sells for a lot of money on the street. Keep your prescription drugs under lock and key. It will save lives. What do you do when your prescription drugs are missing? Doctors should be more careful to prescribe more if it is not time to do so.

It is time to vote for sheriff again. Jeff Dickerson is doing a good job with what money he has. Renting out federal prisoners is a good thing to do. He came with a strong background in the Oregon State Police in administration, etc. If you want strong police coverage, do it now and let Jeff keep up the good work.

And vote for Tammy Maygra and Brady Preheim.

Joanne Comstock Young, St. Helens

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