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Loony lawn sign litigation


With regards to the Maygra/Preheim campaign follies, forgive me for asking the obvious question, but why would any thoughtful person vote for a candidate for county commissioner who couldn't even successfully (or civilly) negotiate the placement of a political yard sign? Anyone who truly believes that it is sufficient to gain permission from an 'employee' instead of the property owner in such a situation lacks both good faith and common sense. Personally, these aren't the kind of personality defects I'm looking for in a county commissioner.

This silly little temper tantrum of a lawsuit is reported on the same Spotlight page where another article informs us that our county court will be laying off employees and curtailing hours of service in an effort to deal with budgetary shortfalls. It's hard to imagine that any serious or credible candidate for public office would abuse our scarce judicial resources simply for purposes of political grandstanding.

I'm confident this morning's election results will reveal that county voters have rejected these inflated egos and their confused priorities in favor of dignified public servants who will conduct the county's business with a maximum of transparency and integrity and a minimum of crybaby theatrics. We certainly don't need county commissioners who find it necessary to bully, harass and lawyurinate on their constituents.

Jeff Campbell, Scappoose