Being a senior citizen, I am wondering what exactly is happening in the United States, and especially now in St. Helens. I belong to the VFW Auxiliary and volunteer to do the 'Buddy Poppies' for the VFW. This year we were told we could not be in the Post Office to do them.

If it were not for the veterans who volunteer to give their lives, to keep the United States of America free, we would not have a post office.

My father was a veteran of World War I and World War II. He joined WWI as a teenager along with two of his brothers. He joined WWII at 43 years old and was the father of seven children. Several of his nephews also joined.

Toward the end of WWII, he was carried from a foxhole and sent to a Southern California hospital, where he was later discharged as a disabled vet.

My own three brothers were in the military during Korea and Vietnam, along with several cousins.

I asked my dad, 'Why did you join the Army during WWII when you were too old for the draft?' He said, 'If i am going to help protect America, I would rather do it overseas than here, where I would have to worry about your mom and you kids.'

My dad always helped with the poppies, here at this St. Helens Post Office. It has been 90 years that the veterans have been taking donations for the poppies, which are made by veterans, and the money donated goes to help all veterans in need.

How disrespectful can it be for the post office to say 'no' to our veterans? They are the reason fro America being free, along with God's help. God bless you veterans.

I understand rules and regulations, but they have always let the volunteers sit inside before. The sidewalk is public, but when the volunteers are in their 80s or close to 80, it is nicer to be under cover.

I, for one, distinguish between our veterans needs and other people with causes. It is a sad way to treat our veterans when this is their only fundraiser. They deserve better.

Our 30th president, Calvin Coolidge, said, 'The nation that forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten.'

Judith C. Brown, St. Helens

[Editor's note: Please see A1 story regarding the Buddy Poppy promotion efforts at local post offices.]

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