No knee-jerk regulation

on placer miners

Urge “No” vote on SB 115, SB 370 and SB 401.

Independent placer miners and their families have long been a part of communities throughout Oregon. As an independent miner and claim holder in Oregon, as well as being an active member of the mining community in Lane County, the intent of these bills are immediately harmful to placer miners but have long-term impact on other who use our streams, rivers and creeks for both recreation and their livelihoods.

Continuing to set down rules and regulations without accurate information and based on faulty logic not founded in best practices is detrimental to us all. Take time to talk with and listen to the people affected by these Senate Bills.

Farmers, loggers, fishermen, hunters and boaters will all also be impacted by these bills. Closing off areas does not necessarily mean protecting them. Education and cooperation would have more positive impact than closure and restriction.

Miners continue to work to protect the lands and habitat of the areas we work. We have a vested interest in preserving and maintaining and improving these areas.

Miners not only police themselves but other miners. Best practices are encouraged and modeled.

Do not punish and shut down the many responsible miners based on the actions of a select few and the personal agendas of state representatives and senators.

Independent miners ask that you talk with affected parties and study the total impact of the above bills. This will impact not only miners and the communities that support them as well as small business owners in the state who provide the equipment and guidance they need, and the public who uses public lands and waters for recreation and income.

Rush Kosto


Man shouldn’t need

war weapons

Extreme automatic war weapons in the hands of fools results in a fool with a man’s thrill-kill toy.

Many men have showoff guns in an effort to display his power to thrill-kill elk or deer, making non-skinned hamburger on the hoof.

In mans’ infinite wisdom, he has this obsession with his addictions to smoking, drinking and weapons.

I’ve done my time hunting elk or deer with one shell. If there’s a need for a war weapon, my God they’re hunting Godzillas! We’re licensed to drive cars and trucks, to run businesses and to get married, all showing a sense of ownership.

So why not a gun license?

If it’s necessary to show mans’ addictions with war weapons, such weapons should be licensed.

On the topic of TV news reports displaying roadside killings: In past years there were public crucifixions and bloody guillotines in the town square. Now we’re showing thrill killings in our theaters with images of bloody bodies.

The church’s writing’s state: Thou shall not kill!

Dean D. Ebert

St. Helens

Contract Publishing

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