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Scappoose is changing!

We have new baseball fields, a new auditorium and a new school. But what we really need is a turf field.

As a soccer player, I know turf hurts if you slide or fall on it, it makes you run too much and it costs too much. But it's worth it, and I'll tell you why.

When asked about a turf field, soccer players Charlie Davidson and Eddie Cassim said, 'It's better than grass, so you don't have to replace it.' They also said 'it'll be the nicest field in Scappoose.'

If you have ever noticed, turf can even make soccer players envious - a distinct advantage when competing against visiting teams - in the same manner as you become envious if someone has cooler toys than you.

Turf is also easy to take care of.

'It's easier to maintain a turf field' said Coach Ryan Poster. People who dislike yard work, including myself, don't have to worry about watering or mowing the grass anymore.

Susan Kang, former soccer player at Scappoose High School, said the absence of mud could help reduce injuries.

'Less mud equals less stains,' she said.

All of our soccer fields are basically mud and sand because the grass is so torn up.

Turf is not perfect, however. According to ',' the NFL used FieldTurf (from 2000-2008) which caused injuries on the ankle, ACL (anterior cruciate ligament tears), concussions and toe injuries.

But I believe turf is better than our local, natural playing surfaces.

In 2004, the SHS track surface was corrupted by water damage. Kyle Marshall and Jason Hess, former Future Business Leaders of America members, thought of launching a roadside advertisement campaign and finding sponsors to support the new track to raise money. Thanks to FBLA, the new track was possible.

We need FBLA and the Scappoose Soccer Club to team up for a sponsor drive. Also, we need the community to help earn money and hold fundraisers or 'donation-only' events to earn money.

Almost everybody would enjoy a turf field. Parents, from both soccer and football, will be happy seeing their kids play on a nice field. As for the players, we'll be happy we have a decent field to play on.

Johnny Kang is a Scappoose High School students in Scott Deckelmann's journalism class.

STUDENT VOICE is a new editorial feature that showcases a Scappoose High School student's opinions on topics of his or her choice. The participating students are on staff at the high school's student newspaper, The Candle, or are students in Scott Deckelmann's journalism class.

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