Mitt Romney - 'Obama Light.'

I wondered where the phrase came from? I checked Wikipedia and discovered that both Obama and Romney could be soul brothers.

Their approval ratings are almost exactly the same. Sixty-six percent voter approval in their first years, dropping to 36 percent when Romney left office. He had most of his vetoes (which he's now touting) overturned. Even Republicans became annoyed at the governor in his last year in office for overuse of the veto.

The clincher for me is finding out that fees were one of his favorite revenue enhancements, in effect raising local taxes severalfold.

The tax code even has a $100 per year, per firearm tax. Gov. Deval, the current Massachusetts governor, is proposing to raise that fee to $300 per year per firearm on individuals, and brags that he will eliminate firearms from the public as the result.

Private ownership of firearms in Massachusetts has declined 66 percent as the result of the $100 per year tax - so this added fee should finish the job. And yet Gov. Romney says he's in favor of private ownership of firearms, and for the 2nd Amend., etc.

He also signed the bill banning assault weapons (appears to be the Brady version of what an assault weapon is). Perhaps Gov. Romney fits a liberal Northeast U.S. version of what a moderate Republican is supposed to look like. For me, his record looks like 'Obama Light' on steroids!

I agree with Newt Gingrich and will be voting for him. Newt asks: 'How will Romney defend his Massachusetts Health Care Bill against Obama's Health Care bill?' He compared how both are paid for in a debate between Romney and Obama? Truth is, Romney can't defend it.

Quite literally, Newt will chew Obama up and spit him out in a debate. Romney will stand there, look boyish, be flustered and give half-hearted answers, and Obama will go on to get re-elected if the Republicans send a boy to do a man's job.

- Tom Klingbeil, Warren

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