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Vote Maygra for the working class


When I first met Tammy Maygra, I was impressed by her knowledge of the issues and that she is fearless in front of our elected officials to confront them about their actions and inaction.

She was the person who got to the bottom of the CHD debacle and is now in the process of trying to get taxpayer dollars returned to the voters. She has also been involved in many local issues over the years, such as LNG, the depletion - gravel tax. She is always on the side of the people whose voices can't be heard over the politicking.

While she may not have a college degree, she is a quick study, with a tremendous amount of common sense. She represents the working class, the middle class voters in our community.

Please vote Maygra/Preheim in the upcoming election.

Kathy Appel, St. Helens