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Whitneys comments on finance are odd


What an odd letter to the editor by Nancy Whitney, complaining about a lack of financial transparency in Earl Fisher's campaign (see Letters, April 11). Every dollar raised by the Fisher campaign is available for everyone to see, Whitney included, thanks to Oregon's campaign finance laws passed by a Democrat-controlled Legislature. (The

Republicans blocked similar reform at the federal level.)

Regarding campaign finances, Whitney (the Maygra/Preheim spokesperson) is absolutely right in stating Earl Fisher's 2008 commissioner's campaign cost over $30,000 dollars. What she fails to mention is that the campaign involved two elections and lasted over a year.

Additionally, many funds were contributed by unions such as the Teamsters and United Food and Commercial Workers, or UFCW. Some came from large and small businesses in the county, and a portion came from numerous local citizens who contributed a $100 or less. The four out-of-state companies who contributed to Fisher's campaign do business in Columbia County and have a vested interest in our community, such as Safeway and Fred Meyer.

The way Earl Fisher ran his 2008 campaign demonstrates how he approaches problems and issues. It was run in an organized and professional manner, the effort was well thought out, well executed and done in an open and aboveboard manner.

Regarding Tammy Maygra's comments: Yes, our county's economy is in bad shape. But to put that solely on the backs of two county commissioners is absurd. An economy so dependent on natural resources will decline when the supply of those natural resources declines. An economy hurt by what happens at the national level (2008 crash due to Bush's banking deregulation), or job outsourcing (thanks to NAFTA, CAFTA and Bush's tax law changes) cannot be blamed on our county commissioners.

The last thing we need in a fragile economy is to elect someone with zero experience in guiding our county back to economic health.

I support Earl Fisher because he brings the experience and common sense needed to guide our county in these difficult times.

Jolene Jonas, Scappoose