I have two comments about the advertising by the Tammy Maygra-chaired Columbia Health District Board:

First, they claim they are the ones who saved you, the taxpayers, 38 cents. Silly me, I thought it was the voters in the two elections who saved themselves.

Second, they say it isn't costing us taxpayers for the court battle going on. Then who, exactly, is paying for use of the court system? Answer: the taxpayers.

May 15 is election time, and I see nine people are running for county commissioner. You know there will be lots of promises made that are unachievable and lots of propaganda.

Most of the people who are running don't impress me too much. Earl Fisher and Tony Hyde are running again, and I will be voting for them. They're a little like my old shoes, already broke in.

If you think we will have a better government by changing people, I've got news for you: Good government starts with 'We the people.' We have to get involved. Be aware of who you vote for. Do your research and choose your government - although not everyone is ever satisfied - and recall the old saying, 'A new broom doesn't always sweep clean.'

Thelma Bonar, Warren

Editor's note: Thelma Bonar is the author of Measure 5-209 that called for ceasing construction of the Columbia Health District-led hospital project and returning tax revenue collected for development of the hospital to the taxpayers.

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