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Letters to the editor published March 11, 2016

Letters to the editor for March 11, 2016

In support of Tardif

I normally don’t/won’t write any kind of support letter to the editor about any political candidates running for public office. However, I am making a huge exception on this, because I would like the voters in Columbia County to know about a special person running for Columbia County commissioner.

His name is Alex Tardif, and I have been lucky enough to know this young man personally for many, many years, and basically watched him grow up.

It’s high time that the voters of Columbia County had someone on the board of commissioners that is for the people of Columbia County. It’s time to get the “good old boys” out, get some fresh, intelligent ideas, and see Columbia County prosper and become an even better place for us to reside.

Alex is a man that not only is great with the public and their concerns, but works hard daily taking care of his family, including his young daughter. He is a hard worker, a go-getter, and has some fresh ideas for the voters of Columbia County.

If you are like I am, it’s time for some changes here in our county, and I for one will be more than happy to mark the box next to Alex’s name.

No matter if you agree with me or not, please remember to vote in this election. It does make a difference, and all voices in Columbia County should and need to be heard.

Karen Fessler

St. Helens

Losing trust in Amercia’s political system

For my 19th birthday I was given a free, all-expense paid vacation to exotic Vietnam, where I spent 19 months and eight days with the famous 1st Air Calvary Division defending South Vietnam from Communist (Socialist) domination.

After being released from the Portland Veterans Administration hospital, I re-enlisted and was eventually deployed to West Germany during my last enlistment to patrol the Czechoslovakian section of the Iron Curtain, again in defense from Communist (Socialist) domination. During the first week of December 2008, after electing President Barack Obama, far left Liberal Progressive Socialists proclaimed control of the Democratic Party and change came to America on Jan. 20 during the oath of office.

It is now 2016, an election year, but the election cycle started only weeks after the 2014 election. While the far right candidates are fighting over the control of the Republican Party, Democratic candidates are seeing how far to the left they can push their party. One candidate is a declared Democratic Socialist, which, using Google search, is a description of a Communist, while the other is a past secretary of state who failed to provide proper security for one of its ambassador and defied National Security Agency protocol by setting up a private email server instead of using the secure server provided by the United States government.Where is America headed?

We are supposedly a Democratic country, yet women candidates such as Dr. Jill Stein and Ms. Carly Fiorina have been shut out of the national debates by the media — while Mr. Donald Trump is given free air time to trash talk his opponents. Secretary Clinton seems to have been given a free pass on national security violations and is allowed to prance around like the president-elect. Although America is considered a Christian nation, Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Marco Rubio, R-Florida, act as if everyone is a born again Tea Partier. Which basically leaves the middle-of-the-road candidate, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, left talking to himself.

As for me, a registered Independent, my own state of Oregon has a closed primary system, leaving me out in the cold until the November general election, but by then what will the choices be? Since writing this, the Oregon Legislature and Gov. Kate Brown have passed and signed into law a new minimum wage standard without any regard to the long-term effects on small businesses, which make up over 60 percent of the state economy — while GOP leaders, along with tech CEOs, met on Sea Island, Georgia, this past weekend to discuss how to defeat Trump and manipulate the Republican Convention.

No wonder Americans are losing trust in the political system.

Joseph Turner

Columbia City