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Letters to the editor for March 4, 2016

Letters to the editor for March 4, 2016

Message to presidential candidates: What would Jesus do?

I was saddened to read Mr. Wayne Mayo’s latest letter (“Pope owes Trump an apology,” Feb. 26). It is reflective of the abhorrent and negative tone the presidential campaign has taken.

The pope is a learned theologian who knows scripture far better than most. Every Sunday across America, pastors preach to their congregations about which actions and perspectives are most congruent with Christian doctrine. Pope Francis’ comments about people who prefer to build walls instead of bridges is really no different. Mr. Donald Trump’s initial response to the pope’s comments was most ironic, since he himself has questioned the Christian faith of some of his opponents. His response portrays a thin-skinned and adolescent stance of, “You can dish it out, but can’t take it.”

But Mr. Trump is not alone. Several candidates have touted their Christian credentials and have quoted Scripture on the campaign trail. When a candidate shares his or her views, beliefs and records while stumping for votes, the candidate must accept scrutiny and differences of opinion with grace and maturity. 

When Christian faith-touting candidates rally for economic and foreign policy issues that conflict with the teachings of Christ, it is perfectly reasonable to call out the apparent hypocrisy, just as Jesus himself called out the hypocrites of his day. Every Christian knows well Jesus’ instructions on how we should treat

foreigners, non-believers, and our enemies. 

Perhaps it’s time to bring back the old bumper sticker that read, “What would Jesus do?” It seems our current slate of candidates need a refresher course.

Chad O’Lynn


Show us results, Commissioner Hyde

There was an article recently about Tony Hyde’s involvement in boards and committees, apparently in regard to his supposed accomplishments as a Columbia County commissioner for almost 20 years.

I take exception to someone who flaunts their name in conjunction with committees, appointments, offices and boards to impress. There is no indication in the article of any of Mr. Hyde’s accomplishments, if there are any. It is one thing to have founded the Columbia County Economic Team and another thing to create sustainable jobs.

Every work day, 30,000 residents of Columbia County leave to work in Portland and other locales. We are strangled with a debt of at least $50 milllion as a result of Tony Hyde throwing money at failed projects at Portland Westward.

After almost 20 years, he “would like to focus on economic development and job creation.”

Wow! Really? This is the best he can do?

As Alex Tardif, who is running against Mr. Hyde, stated: “If you cannot get it done in eight years, you are not going to get it done. My opponent has had 20 years to accomplish more for us and and that clearly has not happened.”

Mr. Hyde also stated, “A lot of the stuff we get done won’t come to fruition until we’re long gone.” That says it all.

Time for a change? No kidding. Check out Alex Tardif.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Cathy Pitkin