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Letters published Nov. 6, 2015

Working together for domestic violence awareness

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for The Spotlight’s thorough and comprehensive coverage of the issues of Domestic Violence in October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

SAFE of Columbia County has since reached 400 “likes” on Facebook and I’m thrilled to say that we’re in the process of training two new volunteers through our Basic Advocacy Training. I have no doubt that the coverage by The Spotlight helped to facilitate these milestones.  Domestic Violence will only end when whole communities take ownership of the

issue and stand together to say “no


I am incredibly grateful, as is the rest of the team at SAFE.

Allison Brady

Violence Prevention/Outreach Coordinator/Volunteer

Program Manager

SAFE of Columbia County

Fisher concluded wrongly in Weyerhaeuser decision

This writer downloaded the Columbia County commissioners meeting of Wednesday, Oct. 28, as the Weyerhaeuser Co. appeal for lot line adjustments was being discussed.

Commissioner Earl Fisher, in his research, found that there was no law which addressed this issue. Consequently, he stated the appeal should be approved.

What a sophomoric conclusion.

Thank goodness there will never be enough laws to cover every contingency, so we must rely on our elected representatives to address the question and act accordingly.

Commissioners Tony Hyde and Henry Heimuller spoke of the impact on high-value forestland, wildlife, utilities, roads, water issues and, very importantly, the neighborhoods.

Hyde and Heimuller acted responsibly and courageously in not approving this proposed scheme, which was intended to line the pockets of a wealthy corporation and remove prime productive land from use. Other communities will likely be facing similar requests if this issue is not resolved.

Finally, Fisher should know better than to publicly chastise employees in the Land Development Services Department when he stated the staff “erred” in denying this application.

Paul Nys


Injunction Injunction, what’s your function?

We filed an injunction to stop the Columbia County commissioners from giving away a $3.3 million piece of property to the city of St Helens.

If you remember, you, the taxpayers in the special hospital district, paid for the costs of that piece of property on Millard Road and deserve to be credited back your portion of the money from the sale of this asset.

On Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015 Columbia Health District trustee Brady Preheim and Chairperson Tammy Maygra filed a temporary injunction, and a restraining order to halt the transfer. There will be a court date Monday, Nov. 9, at 1:15 p.m. in Columbia County Circuit Judge Ted Groves’ courtroom, located in the old historic courthouse in St. Helens.

Please attend and show your support of this action to have justice served on behalf of the taxpayers and voters in the CHD.

The voters voted several years ago to stop the tax and credit your money back — the vote was 74 percent to stop the tax and receive the refund — yet the county commissioners refused to listen and enforce your vote, and conspired with the old board to steal your due assets.

If you look on your tax statement, you have been credited a few measly dollars — as of two years ago there should have been close to $180,000 in the combined accounts of the CHD. It looks like the commissioners had a field day spending your tax dollars and want you to feel grateful to them for the bone they have thrown. It’s a little too little and a little too late to believe that these commissioners give a fig about the voters in the district or they would have taken the side of the majority and not that of their corrupt friends.

Tammy Maygra

Deer Island