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Letters published Friday, Jan. 29, 2016

Civilized fools

The Native Americans of this country ought to be in seventh heaven watching the offspring of old-time government officials, railroad companies, greedy land barons and such argue over property that was forcibly taken to begin with by this so-called civilized population. Our want for progress and invention has ultimately necessitated the call for unprecedented management and restrictions throughout this entire country.

Those we once called “savages” must be laughing up their sleeves at the complexity and confusion we’ve brought upon ourselves because civilized man couldn’t leave well enough alone. Even now, out of what must be sheer boredom, we’ve tweaked our language and definitions in order to facilitate childish excuses to feel offended. We implement inane new rights and liberties while the sensible ones fade away.

Because of our blind propensity toward change, we’ve lost all track of common sense.  We’ve erringly sown the seeds of selfishness, willing ignorance, and indifference, to name a few. We’ve only carried our ancestors folly to new heights. Our apathy and disregard for simplicity knows no bounds.

As a result of our constant dissatisfaction, the future bodes ill for the next generation. Will they reap the grapes of wrath for our mistakes or eschew our conventional wisdom and make their world, instead of a fear-driven nuthouse, a better and more balanced place to inhabit?

If, unlike us, their minds actually achieve a modicum of maturity, I hope for their sake that our successors, at the very least, will have learned from our inevitable failure what not to do.

James Harris