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Letters to the editor published July 29, 2016

Wayne Mayo for Columbia County commissioner

As a fellow contractor and friend, I have known Wayne Mayo professionally and personally for several years, and want to share the following for voters to consider when voting for Columbia County Commissioner, Position 1.

FILE PHOTO - Wayne Mayo Parenting is one of the most important and difficult things most of us do in life. I have met Wayne’s children and all are independent and contributing to society in their own way. Their endeavors include anesthesiology provider and mother, CPA and mother, captain in the U.S. Army with a tour in Afghanistan and father, service in the Oregon National Guard with a tour in Afghanistan, civil engineer and father, published biological chemist and mother, nurse, and the youngest playing in the NFL — including the 2016 Super bowl.

Parenting is largely by example and this reflects well on Wayne.Wayne has lived and worked in Columbia County since 1959 and knows it well. Believing all politics is local, and that he could help his community, Wayne wants to bring the same high level of energy and enthusiasm he brought to parenting to the Columbia County Board of Commissioners, Position 1.

Geoff Wenker


FILE PHOTO - A bicyclist enjoys the terrain offered by the CZ Trail.

Do not destroy the Crown Zellerbach Trail

Losing the Crown-Zellerbach trail through the city of Scappoose would be a major loss to this city.  Yet, it is currently under threat in the city of Scappoose’s overall Transportation System Plan, or TSP.

The plan shows a section of the trail to become a boulevard for future expansion of the urban growth boundary (UGB) and industry, or Portland Community College on the east side of the airport. Even though there are sidewalks shown on this boulevard, the trail in this section — West Lane to east of the airport — would not remain a linear park or trail. Any chance for future improvements and conversion to an even better park than it is now would be destroyed. 

Some may not know that the dream of enhancements at Chapman Landing — the terminus of the CZ Trail — are gradually becoming a reality. Destroying the CZ Trail within the city’s boundaries would disrupt the outstanding qualities of a complete linear trail in so many ways. The trail becomes better and better the more we care about it and devote energy and monies to it. It is happening.

The CZ Trail from West Lane Road to the channel, i.e. Chapman Landing, is one of the prettiest places in Scappoose. It’s by far the most welcoming place to walk. There are expansive views of Scappoose’s coastal foothills. All the migratory bird life is an ever-changing joy to watch and feel a part of.

This section has outstanding potential to be the featured terminus of a great regional draw to our county—the linear trail. 

The developer of the lands east of the airport would love us to give this to them as their boulevard. That section would be lost forever.

Scappoose City Council: please do not let this happen.

Alyse Lansing


PMG FILE PHOTO - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Sick of the mudslinging at Clinton

I am sick to death of hearing the term “crooked Hillary.” Ken Starr became a celebrity and a millionaire (funded by the taxpayers) investigating the Clintons, and finding nothing but Bill’s philandering.

Rush Limbaugh also became a millionaire by constantly badmouthing the Clintons. He never found anything specific, just used generalizations to keep his “dittoheads” enthralled by his brilliance. Of course, Fox “News” and its propaganda machine has been working overtime for the last 20-plus years lying about the Clintons. No wonder Hillary claimed there was, and is, a “vast right-wing conspiracy” working against them.

As far as I know, nothing has ever been proved regarding Hillary’s dishonesty.

Over $30 million has been spent by the Republicans in Congress in their attempt to pin something on Hillary during her tenure as Secretary of State for President Barack Obama. They have had seven different investigations — costing over $7 million — on Bengazi in their relentless search to find malfeasance by Hillary.

It was rather stupid of Hillary to use her own email server while secretary of state when she was pretty sure she would be running for president. She certainly should have known the Republicans would do whatever they could to find some wrongdoing on her part.

However, that does not disqualify her from running for president. Yet, the Republicans in Congress wasted over $20 million doing their very best to embarrass and discredit her. This, from the party that constantly preaches fiscal responsibility.

The difference between the two parties is amazing. George W. Bush, after a number of warnings by the Clinton administration to watch Osama bin Laden because he had vowed to attack the United States, made it a point to ignore everything the previous administration laid out for him. After the events of Sept. 11, 2001, happened, no Democrat pointed a finger at President Bush.

Can you imagine what would have happened had a Democrat been president at this time?

But when a Democrat is in office, they are willing to spend as much as it takes to discredit him or her.

Marion Langton