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Is it CRPUD or CRUD?

Letter to the editor by Leonard Peterson regarding the CRPUD decision to appoint a board member, not Nancy Ward

The people lost again.

On Dec. 20, the Columbia River People’s Utility District board of directors voted 3-2 to deny a seat on the board for the person that the people in Subdivision 1 (southern Columbia County) overwhelmingly voted for.

The board decided not to pursue methods suggested by one of the board members and by people at the meeting on how the people’s choice could be seated. They also rejected a plea to hold a special election to allow the people to select another representative.

Instead, the board will hold a special meeting in just two weeks’ time to appoint a new board member that the board chooses.

Many skeptics already think that they denied the people’s choice so they could choose someone of their own liking, and are simply ram-rodding it through. Those skeptics are probably right.

The board might as well take the “P” — for “People’s” — out of the CRPUD name, since they no longer represent the people of Subdivision 1. “CRUD” would be more appropriate.

Leonard Peterson