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Letters received for issue published Nov. 20, 2015

MIKE LUCAS - Cartoon published in the Nov. 20 issue

I object to sanctuary for Syrian refugees

With the carnage in France fresh on the minds of the world, and the confusion regarding whether one of the murdering psychopathic terrorists was in country with refugee status from Syria, this is no time to be taking in refugees from


If you agree that 10,000 largely Islamic refugees may pose a “clear and present danger,” call or write U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, and U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici: Let them know you fear Islamic refugees, especially since it’s been shown many appear to be 20-something males. 

They should clear out a safe haven in or near their own country.

Additionally, if refugees are Christians — and can prove it — facing beheadings, enslavement, rape, and forced marriages, take them instead.   

This administration’s inept bungling has enabled jihad overseas. No way should it come here.

Wayne Mayo


It’s Obama’s fault

To those of you who are shocked at the attack in Paris, I suggest you adjust your thinking to accept it as a matter of course going forward. Our government, in 2009, decided to take a passive path in dealing with our adversaries, and they do not fear us at all.  

Russian President Vladamir Putin is on a roll. China’s leaders are as well. And, of course, so are legions of radical Muslim terrorists that our administration refuses to call by that name.

As a result of withdrawing from Iraq in 2011, dismantling our intelligence network there, and creating a power vacuum in that region, ISIS has grown to a formidable force in 30 or so countries. Thousands have died, been raped or sold into slavery as a direct result.

This was a political decision the White House made leading up to the 2012 election. Now, we are witnessing the flood of refugees leaving the Middle East, an action also caused by our own weakness and retreat from the situation at hand for short-term political gain.

Radical Democrat dislike for our country, as founded, is carried out by this president, who seeks to punish us. Only their own political skins and power are important to them. John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and the rest of this radical wing are of the same mindset.  

Our president will act as observer of the carnage, as he has done with many situations in the past. Perhaps he will take some limited military action, but in the end his policies and those of his fellow radicals have caused the world many years of suffering. Very predictable and frustratingly, people like me, who take the time to become familiar with facts, have known the result would be what it is. Our government’s actions from now on could become even more irrational.

You see, President Obama has nothing but contempt for this country and is smart enough to take advantage of a crisis that may arise here. As an example, if we are attacked, they might declare martial law and try to suspend our right to bear arms.

Not one of the French victims had a right to carry a weapon for their own protection, and were slaughtered as a result. The population in Europe is becoming aware how important our Second Amendment is.

The whipped-up and fraudulent climate change movement, fueled by misinformation and billions of dollars of wasted research money, is not the challenge at hand. Our way of life that Obama pledged to drastically change, and the security of our country, and our fellow man, is our challenge to reclaim.

God bless America.

Bob and Evelyn Nicklaus