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Letters to the editor for Dec. 19, 2014

Big fuel Christmas bonus

All this concern, all this blathering ink fretting that the poor oil drillers may not be able to drill profitably below $50 per barrel.

Say it isn’t so!

Has Chicken Little become a business reporter?

With oil falling to $55 per barrel, we will soon see gas for less than $2.20 per gallon. Maybe lower.

Unless you are self-employed, your fuel is bought with “after tax” dollars. Let’s calculate your savings. You drive 60 miles per day. Your car gets 22 miles to the gallon. You were paying $3.40 per gallon last year and you will be paying $2.20 this year. That’s $1.20 per gallon x 2.7 gallons, which equals $3.24 per day x 365 days, equaling $1,181.60 in savings. (That’s only 21,900 miles per year.)

In Oregon, we pay federal and state income tax on that, so we had to earn about $1,900 on average to have that $1181 to spend.

And that hits entry-level taxpayers equal to everyone else. It’s better than a targeted tax credit.

Now, if high-energy dependent companies would quickly pass on their savings as well — parcel deliveries, airlines, transportation, plastics, fertilizers, electricity — imagine our collective relief.

We’re all getting a bonus this year.

I love this country.

Merry Christmas.

Wayne Mayo


Your hospitality is appreciated

My crew and I would like to thank the Columbia River PUD customers on Janshaw Road for their hospitality and patience as we worked to restore their power after the windstorm on Dec. 11.

Thank you for cooking us double cheeseburgers and bringing us donuts and coffee to keep us going as we worked to remove the downed trees and lines that were blocking your road and causing the outage. We greatly appreciated your kindness.

Todd Cathers

Line Crew Foreman

Columbia River PUD

Good work, team

I want to extend a big thank you to the Spotlight staff for getting last Friday’s paper completed and sent to press on time.

Due to Thursday’s windstorm and the loss of power in south Scappoose, the Spotlight office was without power right at the time they were putting the finishing touches on our local paper for Friday’s delivery. Because of the staff’s dedication to their community and strong work ethic to get the news to the people, they had to complete the paper and get it to press for publication by the light of their cell phones. Way to go everyone. Congrats on a job well done!

As a mom of one of the employees, I’m so very proud of you, Chelsea Tull. Dr. Robert Pamplin Jr. owes you all a dinner. A very nice dinner. Thanks again, everyone.

Terri Stierwalt


Lawlessness from over the state line

What’s happened to our laws in Oregon? We complain that we don’t have enough money for police and jails or to even fix our roads. But yet we keep paying more taxes and we’re still broke.

So my question is, why are we allowing people to drive without a front license plate? It’s the law. There’s a lot of Washington people living here in Oregon, some I know that have been here for over three years. So why are we not enforcing the law? They act like they don’t have to comply to Oregon laws. They are cheating us out of revenue on drivers’ and cars’ license fees. Is this fair to the Oregonians?

Also, the Washington people are bringing their pop cans over from Washington and are recycling them here and there not paying the 5-cent deposits. Again, they’re breaking Oregon laws.

I also have noticed that there’s a lot more Washington drivers using Highway 30 and our back roads like a damn speedway. They tailgate, follow too close. This is disregarding the safety of others.

So what is the police going to do about these problems? How about let’s make the laws work. Let’s stop making excuses for the lawbreakers. This would bring in some money.

You have 30 days after you move here to get a license.

Welcome, people, to Oregon. Just obey the laws.

Ken Samson